“Being human is not hard because you're doing it wrong, it's hard because you're doing it right.”

Have you ever achieved something that you were proud of; big or small and you didn't feel like you could share or celebrate it, because it wasn't 'important' enough or you thought it might be silly? Have you ever thought of having professional photos, but didn't have a good enough reason to organise one?

The good news is, you're reason enough! We all seek different things at various points in our life. Closure, confidence, clarity, purpose, love, pride, fulfillment, peace. And even if you're not seeking anything at the moment, it's time to capture this beautiful chapter that you're in.

My promise with these sessions is to do my very best to capture you, have a playlist good enough to make you want to dance and be comfortable enough to make us both laugh all the way through. I want you to feel like you're having your ideal Sunday morning, whether that's dressing up to the nine's and dancing to your favourite song or rugged up in blankets drinking a hot cup of tea.

Life's complicated enough. Sometimes you just need to press the pause button, and play your favourite song on repeat.